Making Democracy Work

Ballot Questions

There are 12 Proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution that are on the General Election Ballot, nine more than appeared on the 2016 ballot. However, voters will face more questions than are apparent.

That is because Florida's Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), which convenes every 20 years, is allowed by law to bundle more than one issue into each question. Whether or not the issues are related, they are an all-or-nothing proposition. So it is worth your time and study to learn all you can about the amendments.

There were 13 amendments originally on the ballot with one amendment (#8) being eliminated. Eight were proposed by the CRC, three by the Florida Legislature and two by citizen initiative.

To pass, each of them must receive at least 60% approval by voters. Unless otherwise indicated, changes to the Constitution take effect on Jan. 8, 2019.

Summaries of each amendment, including the impact of a yes or no vote can be found at: