Making Democracy Work

LWV Sanibel Directors & Committees

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Robyn Cook, President

Ellen O'Neil, Vice President

Bob Terry, Treasurer

Chris Schluter, Secretary

Dorit Fisher, Membership

Linda Kramer, Voter Service

Bobbie Moore, Director

Maddie Stewart, Director

Appointed Directors:

Janice Block Chaddock

Jeannie & Ron Ellington

Carla Benninga, Director Emerita

Via the "Contact Us" Section of this website, you can email any of the officers or send a general comment to


Nominating: Robin Krivanek (chair), Judy Adler, Dick Calkins, Linda Kramer

Voter Services: Linda Kramer

Membership: Dorit Fisher

Program: Ellen O'Neill

Communications: Robyn Cook, Barbara Freeman