Making Democracy Work

LWV Sanibel Photo Album

Our Leadership

2016-2017 LWV Sanibel Leadership (left to right) President Robyn Cook, Secretary Ellen O'Neill, Vice President and Natural Resources Chair Barbara Joy Cooley, Membership Director Robin Krivanek, Treasurer Ellen Strobel, Voter Services Director Carolyn Gray.

2014-2016 LWV Sanibel President Robin Krivanek
2015-2016 LWV Vice President Carolyn Gray

2013-2014 LWV Sanibel President Linda Kramer
2012-2013 LWV Sanibel President Carolyn Gray and Founding President Carla Benninga

LWV Sanibel Founding Mothers, Linda Robison, Carla Benninga, and Linda Kramer

Our Voter Registration Events

Marcy Calkins and Ann Rodman working the LWV Sanibel Voter Registration Table in January 2015 at the Sanibel Farmers' Market.
Dick Calkins working the LWV Sanibel Voter Registration Table in January 2014 at the Sanibel Farmers' Market.
Carol Gestwicki and Enid Packard staffing our Voter Registration table at Bailey's, January 2013.
Dick Calkins and Edina Lessack register voters at Bailey's, January 2013.

Our "Meet the Candidates" Events

Sanibel City Council Debate - February 1, 2017
On February 1, 2017, LWV Sanibel hosted a debate of candidates for City Council prior to the March 7 election.

LWV Sanibel hosted a public 'Meet and Greet the Candidates' event before the April 22, 2014 primary election prior to the general election for the open Congressional seat for FL District 19
Candidate Curt Clawson spoke to the audience.

February 2015: LWV Sanibel hosted a public "Candidates' Forum" for the March 2015 Sanibel City Council Election.

Candidates Chauncey Goss, Jim Jennings, and Frances Slane.
Professor Roger Green of Florida Gulf Coast University moderated the event.
Several hundred Sanibel residents attended the Forum.

Our Programs

2016 - 2017

March 27, 2017: For "Go Solar, Sanibel," Barbara Joy Cooley and her Natural Resources Committee team, along with the Green Team at Sanibel Congregational Church, created an interesting and informative event, with 75 people hearing (at left) keynote speaker James Fenton, Ph.D., Director of the FL Solar Energy Center, and Richard Johnson, manager of Bailey's, which has "gone solar."

February 15, 2017: Barbara Joy Cooley (standing) with our two February speakers, Mitchell Hutchcraft and Rae Ann Wessel, who voiced opposing views on water issues.

2015 - 2016

April 21, 2016: Up-Date on LWV Florida's 2015-2016 Accomplishments and Advocacy of Solar Choice and LWV Sanibel Annual Meeting.

Deidre Macnab, Chair Natural Resources Advocacy Program and former 3-term LWV Florida president and LWV Sanibel President, Robyn Cook.

March 17, 2016: Importance of the Lee County Clerk of Courts Office.

Linda Doggett, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller for Lee County, FL

February 18, 2016: Defending the Environment: A Bi-partisan Approach.

Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director, Florida Conservation Voters.

January 21, 2016: Protecting the Franchise: The State of Voters' Rights.

Dr. Laura Weir, PhD, Executive Director, International Education and Political Science professor at Florida Southwestern State College, Edison Campus.

November 19, 2015: How Sugar Has Soured Florida Politics.

Ray Judah, Coordinator for the Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition and former Lee County Commissioner

Mr. Judah held the attention of League members with his data-based presentation.

2014 - 2015

October 29, 2014: State and County Ballot Initiatives

LWV Sanibel President Robin Krivanek explained the LWV Florida Voter Guide.
Former LWV Sanibel Director Bob Winters led a discussion about the three proposed Florida Constitutional Amendments that are on the ballot.
LWV Florida Second Vice President (and Sanibel resident) Carolyn Gray explained the County referenda.
There was a lively discussion and those attendance agreed that they could vote informed as a result of the session.

November 19, 2014: Education and the School Board in Lee County

Former Lee County School Board member Jane Kuckel and current Lee County School Board Chairman Cathleen Morgan
Jane Kuckel and Cathleen Morgan discussed the status of k-12 education in Lee County.

January 28, 2015: Human Trafficking Awareness Program

Nola Theiss, Executive Director, HTAP spoke about 'Slavery in Southwest Florida: It's Happening Here.'

February 25, 2015: Selection of Judges and Justice in Florida

Amira Fox, Chief Assistant State Attorney and Member of the Judicial Nominating Commission.

March 25, 2015: Florida's 2015 Legislative Session: Water, Amendment 1, and Growth Management

Rae Ann Wessel, Natural Resources Policy Director, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation.
There is a critical need for stormwater storage areas south of Lake Okeechobee.

April 23, 2015: Update on City of Sanibel Issues and Challenges

Judie Zimomra, Sanibel City Manager
The LWV audience had many questions for Ms. Zimomra.

2013 - 2014

Prof. Charles Stewart, III of MIT spoke on 'History of Voting Experiences Nationally and Proposed Election Reforms for Florida.'
Prof. Stewart's talk took place at the Sundial Beach Resort in January 2014.

Sheriff Scott's talk took place at the Sundial Beach Resort in February 2014.
Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott spoke on 'Florida Gun Laws.'

In April 2014, Holly Milbrandt, Sanibel Dept. of Natural Resources, spoke about Sanibel Water Quality issues.

Milbrandt discussed MacGregor's cartoon which illustrates the complexity of water quality in the waters around Sanibel.

2012 - 2013

2012-13 LWV Sanibel Annual Meeting
2012-2013 LWV Sanibel Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane

LWV Sanibel 2012 'Sisters Across the Straits' Delegation to Cuba, from left to right, Judy Yenkole, Gayle Pense, Tanya Hochschild, Mary Buck, Edina Lessack, Maddy Mayor, Janet Wosniak, Visnja Gembicki.

Women's March in Naples - January 21, 2017

About 150 people from Sanibel-Captiva, including many LWV Sanibel members, were among the 2,500 participants in the January 21 Women's March in Naples.