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Are You Ready to Vote?

The League of Women Voters of Florida maintains an up-to-date website with a wide range of information and links with everything you need to know about voting in Florida.

Click Here to go the LWV Florida website.

Click Here for information on voting in Lee County, Florida.

The LWV Florida smartphone APP

In 2014, LWVF introduced our first smartphone APP for android phone users.

Be informed, be prepared, be a voter!

Convenience is key for many voters, especially younger voters, who get the bulk of their information on their smartphones. Our APP takes users directly to our smartphone "Be Ready" mobile page for easy referral on voting information no matter where they are, or what they are doing, anywhere in Florida. The Countdown Clock shows how many days are left to Election Day.

Instructions to download the LWVF App (for android users only):

Click Here for Google Play: Apps

Search "League Women Voters"

Look for Red/White/Blue "Be Ready" icon

Download for free

Party Affiliation and Voting in Florida Primary Elections

When you register to vote in Florida, you have the option of indicating a party affiliation on your voter application form. If you do not select a party affiliation, you will be registered to vote without having one.

Florida is a closed primary election state which means that registered voters affiliated with a political party can only vote for that party's candidates in a partisan race on a primary election ballot. However, regardless of the political party with which you registered, you can still vote in the primary election on any issue, any nonpartisan race or any race in which the candidate will face no opposition in the general election.

Voting by Mail in Florida

A Ballot-by-Mail can be used by a registered voter who does not plan to vote in person during early voting or on election day. Any registered voter in Lee County may vote by Ballot-by-Mail for any reason. Requests for Ballots-by-Mail must be renewed each year and can be for single, multiple or all elections in a calendar year. Mail ballots will not be forwarded.

To request a Ballot-by-Mail from the Supervisor of Elections office, write to or visit in person at:

Lee County Elections Center
13180 S. Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33907.

Or by phone at:
Supervisor of Elections Mail Ballot Office: 239-533-6919
Main Office: 239-533-8683.

On-line Ballot-by-Mail information: Click Here

According to the Supervisor of Elections website, mailing of Ballot-by-Mail ballots to voters begins approximately 21 days prior to each election. Voters can check on-line for the status of their Ballot-by-Mail registration, when a ballot was mailed, and when the voted ballot was received by the Lee County Elections Office.

For more information, visit the Supervisor of Elections website.